Recent Before & After Photos

Tankless water heater goes out, floods Children's Home

Tankless water heaters were designed for small spaces (like under a sink) and are not supposed to freeze. The one in use at this Children's Home did freeze, and... READ MORE

Professional grade cleaning by SERVPRO of Wichita Falls

How clean is a SERVPRO of Wichita Falls clean? A commercial property requested a free estimate on a thorough cleaning. He was quite shocked when we started brin... READ MORE

Fire damages laundromat, SERVPRO cleans it!

When a dryer caught fire in this laundromat, the customer's insurance agent recommended he call SERVPRO of Wichita Falls. After arriving onsite our team documen... READ MORE

Water line to ice maker bursts, causes major damage

It's every homeowners nightmare: you wake up and discover a water leak has caused major damage throughout your home. In this case, it was the water line to the ... READ MORE

Old water heaters fail, cause major water damage.

If your hot water heater is older than 12 years, you should plan to replace it before it causes major water damage. Today's water heaters require little to no m... READ MORE

Smoke and soot damages unfinished wood

Where there's smoke, there's fire. There is also soot and water damage throughout your property, and each surface and fabric requires a different cleaning treat... READ MORE

No preaching to the choir here!

Have you ever wondered what "preaching to the choir" means? If you say that someone is preaching to the choir, you mean that they are presenting an argument or ... READ MORE

Severe storms wreck havoc on area homes

It's springtime in Texoma, and that means severe thunderstorms. While SERVPRO of Wichita Falls cannot help you find your trampoline, we can help you with storm ... READ MORE

Commercial roof leak delays business opening

When it rains, it pours. Spring storms in Texoma can deliver inches of rain in just minutes. And if you have a roof leak, you're going to have water damage. Thi... READ MORE

Ultrasonic clean - that's the SERVPRO way!

Fire damages more than just your home or business. Smoke, soot and water damage can affect the entire contents of your property. SERVPRO of Wichita Falls was re... READ MORE